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    Swedish punkrock legends from Goeteburg are back with a brilliant 15 song record!

- After 7 EP releases (including a split -EP with German punkrock heroes RASTA KNAST) and six LP releases, Hulk Rackorz is proud to release their seventh and best CD ever.

- You might say The Troublemakers are an all-star band as the members came from very well known swedish groupds like Psychotic Youth, Anti Cimax, Attentat and The Perverts.

- Over 30 shows all over Germany in the last 3 years earned them a great reputation as an amazing live band, one that makes the audience go wild.

The new album "Idiot" was recorded in April 2005 by Sven Jensen at Grand Slam Recordings in Goeteburg. It was mastered by Göran Finnberg and the artwork was designed by Martin Kliems/DNA Argh- Works.

The idea of the new release:
Let`s do the pogo and join the punkrockcircus of Swedish trash


ELVIS (bass/backingvoc.)
CHARLIE (drums)
XL (leadvoc.)


For more informations visit their offical TROUBLEMAKERS-Homepage

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