The notorious Punkrocktrio from Sindelfingen/Germany is B A C K  WITH A  B A N G!

After a long time of silence, WIZO finally comes back with some good news for all those poor souls, who have desperately been waiting for the resurrection of the toxic Punkrock-Trinity:

1. Please welcome the new drummer!

MR. GUHL joined the band in autumn last year and came to replace INGO. He plays very loud and wild and he sometimes uses rather unusual parts of his body to beat his drums with.
Note: If you come to a show and you see him getting mad about anything, please make sure you seek for shelter!
WIZO will NOT take any responsibility, if you get hit by thrown around drumparts!

WIZO 2000

2. WIZO is going to tour the United Kingdom!

Inspired by the Euro 2000 Football Championship, when the english team played so bad, that they almost got beaten by the really lousy german team, WIZO decided to enter the island for an educational visit. Instead of talking about football (it won't do any good, would it?), the energetic trio will give the audience a lesson in fine german subculture, wild and melodic punkrock, enthusiastic and incredibly intense. They'll be playing 14 shows all over the country, definitely somewhere near you, so go check them out and be ready to be blown away!
Note: Since it's WIZO´s first tour for three years, they will be extremely hot for playing!

Check out the latest update of the WIZO-U.K.-Tourdates here.

3. WIZO started to record a new album.

Yeah, that's right! The "magic triangle" just started to record a new album. It could be out by the beginning of next year and will be I N C R E D I B L E !

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